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  • The Keys to Success: Real Life Stories

    In our August post, I wrote about both the necessity and time-consuming nature of policy reviews, and I presented LifeTrends’ unique time-saving solution, the PRECalc® tool. After writing the article, I had the unique privilege of hearing from a few of our distribution partners who shared how they have used PRECalc® to be more efficient, effective, and even win cases!

BY Real People

Karen Joyner
Managing Partner
Head of Sales and Operations
David Lear
Managing Partner
Head of Product
Orion Robillard
Head of Technology
Sydney Presley
Managing Analyst
Laura Stribling
Senior Analyst
Kasey Gammons
Senior Analyst
Zaahirah Souri
Product Analyst
Ami Amega
Product Analyst
Matt Linder
Product Analyst
Brian Smith
IT Manager
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