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  • Overcoming 2020: PBR/2017 CSO, Low Interest Rates, COVID-19, and AG 49-A

    Through COVID, the economy, and more, it’s hard to think back to the beginning of the year and believe that it was only 12 months ago. While the low interest rate environment and COVID clearly affected all, 2020 was also packed with other major themes for our industry, like PBR/2017 CSO tables and AG 49-A. We’ll take a look at all of these to review this past year that seemed to last a decade.

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Karen Joyner
Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer
Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer
David Lear
Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer
Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer
Orion Robillard
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Sydney Presley
Director, Product Innovation
Laura Stribling
Manager, Product Analytics
Kasey Gammons
Manager, Product Intelligence
Zaahirah Souri
Partner Relations Analyst
Ami Amega
Product Analyst
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