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  • Living for the Long Run: A Look at Living Benefits

    If this year has shown us anything, it is the unfortunate truth that big things happen with little to no prompting that can change the entire course of our lives. We in the life insurance industry know this far too well and have made it our mission to prepare people for events that are unforeseen and life changing. Still though, there is a gap of knowledge when it comes to awareness and understanding the many benefits that insurers have to offer in case something unexpected comes up.

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Karen Joyner
Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer
Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer
David Lear
Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer
Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer
Orion Robillard
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Sydney Presley
Director, Product Innovation
Laura Stribling
Manager, Product Analytics
Kasey Gammons
Manager, Product Intelligence
Zaahirah Souri
Partner Relations Analyst
Ami Amega
Product Analyst
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