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  • Wait, What? How Much Can You Accelerate with a Chronic Illness Rider?

    Taking a look back at life insurance trends we’ve seen products fall in and out of favor. Fifteen years ago, guaranteed universal life (GUL) enjoyed its heyday. Then, we watched alternatives to GULs rise, focused on a similar value proposition. Sometimes this took the form of a current assumption UL with life expectancy guarantees or perhaps a variable UL (VUL) chassis with an extended no-lapse guarantee. During the same 15-year period, whole life (WL) sales remained consistently stable in all market and interest rate environments. Meanwhile, the major emphasis for insurers not focused on WL has been indexed universal life (IUL). For many, IULs continue to be the perfect alternative to low interest crediting offered on UL and volatile returns on VUL (many protection-focused IULs even offer lifetime death benefit.

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