Meet the people who bring LifeTrends to life.
We take data and relationships very seriously. We take ourselves a little less so – in the best possible ways. We like to have fun and find joy in the time we spend together.
Please take a moment to get to know the LifeTrends team.
Karen Joyner
Managing Partner
Head of Sales and Operations
David Lear
Managing Partner
Head of Product
Orion Robillard
Head of Technology
Janet Gossage
Chief Strategy Officer, FSA MAAA
Sydney Presley
Managing Analyst
Randi Benash
National Accounts Director
Laura Stribling
Senior Analyst
Chuck DeFilippo
Operations Director
Kasey Gammons
Senior Analyst
Zaahirah Souri
Product Analyst
Ami Amega
Product Analyst
Matt Linder
Product Analyst
Chisom Dimiri
Product Analyst
Jeffrey Ling
Product Analyst
Oliver Fitch
Product Analyst
Harrah Wang
Product Analyst
Cameron Ferris
Product Analyst
Tara Hinojosa
Executive Assistant
Ryan Zunke
Solutions Architect
Brian Smith
IT Manager
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