Collaboration is key to Innovation.
"The amount of data provided by LifeTrends on a daily basis has been instrumental in the development of our product and pricing competitiveness."
Andrew C.
Manager, Product Analysis
"I felt we would be at a competitive disadvantage if we did not move forward with working with LifeTrends."
Arny M.
Product Director
"At LifeTrends we’re passionate about data, but it is helping the companies and people within them who we support, that truly drive our business."
Karen J.
Managing Partner
"Thanks to LifeTrends and the invaluable resources they provide, we may respond to requests in less than 24 hours and quadruple our output through unlimited benchmarking, pricing, and marketing data."
Lisa S.
AVP, Product and Market Research
"Ease of use within the LifeTrends platform allows me to access important information quickly and accurately to analyze the competition."
Oliver O.
Product and Competition Analyst
"With LifeTrends, we may see a product’s strengths and potential weaknesses, and easily find pertinent information on peer carriers’ product offerings."
Scott H.
­­­­­Life Product Research Specialist

We Understand

As life insurance industry experts, we understand one of the biggest challenges faced by those who manufacture and distribute life insurance products. TOO MUCH DATA and information, TOO LITTLE TIME to understand and analyze. We place accurate, meaningful data in the hands of our partners giving them an unparalleled competitive advantage.

A Competitive Advantage

To put it simply, we are an extension of your team. We remove the administrative aspects of data intelligence so you can focus on the strategy, and we create efficiencies in the process.
We asked our clients to tell us exactly how we help them, and these were some of their responses:
"LifeTrends is one of the smarter vendor resource decisions we have ever made."
"True partners."
"We see benchmarking and changes within 48 hours, versus 2 weeks to a month."
"Their information is consistently accurate."
"They are on top of all industry changes – all product changes."
"When a producer needs case design assistance, an internal case design person would have to run multiple illustrations, multiple carriers/software – timeframe could take 2 to 3 hours. With LifeTrends it only takes 30 seconds."
"We get information much sooner, and have 100% of the information."
"We position the data we receive from LifeTrends as our key competitive differentiator."
"They provide a resource that each partner truly believes is valuable."
"We look like heroes!"

Who We Serve

We strategically partner with 3 of the industry’s most respected Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMO’s).
We partner with 27 of North America’s top Life Insurance Carriers.
If you are interested in partnering with LifeTrends, we want to hear from you.