LifeTrends is Celebrating 8 Years!

by Karen Joyner & David Lear, LifeTrends Managing Partners

On January 11th, 2019, we celebrated our 8th anniversary. As we prepared to host our annual celebration with our friends, family and local industry contacts, we found ourselves reflecting upon our last 8 years. In 2011, we set out to define a new product and service by creating something that was inconceivable. We are so very proud and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with those we serve and truly be a pioneer in the life insurance industry. What an amazing journey we’ve had, and we have so many people to thank for the success that we’ve experienced together.

As we enter 2019, our client base is comprised of 31 carriers, two very well-respected, selectively chosen, future-focused insurance marketing organizations (LifeMark Partners & AimcoR Group), as well as a handful of BGA’s (Brokerage General Agencies). These organizations have helped us grow our industry presence and have played a significant role in helping us evolve and enhance our product and services. We couldn’t ask for better business partners and look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen the relationships with those we serve.

When we look to our future, the two primary words that resonate with us and continues to define our success is PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATION. We will only continue to grow and solidify our presence in the life insurance marketplace through our strategic partnerships. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are at today without these key meaningful relationships and industry supporters.

In 2018, via our relationship with LifeMark Partners, we joined AALU‘s Future of the Industry Working Group, which is a joint effort with Maddock Douglas to explore the future of the industry. Being a participant and contributor within this working group was an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to sit with and address the future focus of our industry as a collective group of carriers, distributors and vendors was incredibly meaningful. Our industry can only grow and move forward if we work together. So, in 2019, our primary focus is to find ways to collaborate with other industry organizations and form long-lasting partnerships with those that truly want to serve our industry long term.

In addition to strengthening and growing our partnerships, we will be introducing a new product and service to our carrier client base. Over the next few months, we are engaging all our carrier partners to share our new Sales Reporting Resource, which will roll out end of Q2, into Q3 2019. This new service will provide relevant and insightful by-product level sales data which will be integrated into our existing product intelligence. We are thrilled to be able to come to market with a new service that naturally aligns perfectly with what we’ve delivered over the past 8 years!

As you can imagine, the most important aspect of who we are and what we do can be found internally here at LifeTrends. We have an AMAZING staff! Our team is currently comprised of 16 people; however, we are seeking to fill quite a few new roles within the course of 2019. Growing our human resources will further assist with our goal to continue to focus on our vision of collaborating more with the industry and further developing our partnerships.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and we can’t wait to explore what the next chapter has in store for us. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

Karen Joyner & David Lear

Managing Partners @ LifeTrends