People drive our business. Data fuels it.
LifeTrends is an extension of your organization. We improve the speed, quality, and quantity of the data and information that your team needs to compare, price, or promote life insurance products. Partnering with LifeTrends enables you to spend much less time monitoring the market changes and wading through the never-ending flow of data. We allow you to focus your time on implementing your strategies, servicing your customers, and evolving your business.
When you work with LifeTrends, you are not buying more data; you are buying more time.

With every product release or reprice, we quickly provide detailed and unbiased analysis overviews. This invaluable service enables your team to focus on responding to the market changes, instead of monitoring and possibly missing them.

Product Overviews Highlights

  • LifeTrends delivers extensive Product Overviews within 5 to 7 business days, eliminating the time you spend on identifying sweet spots or niches in the marketplace. Typically, it would take weeks if not months to discover a product’s real competitive positioning.
  • We uncover competitive positioning opportunities by looking at products from multiple perspectives, many of which may not have been the intended purpose of a product’s positioning by the carrier.
  • You may quickly and easily look back in time to identify all of the changes that have occurred within a carrier’s product portfolio, as all news articles are stored and date back to January 2012.

LifeTrends gathers the data most important to you. Our Benchmarks include: premiums, distribution amounts, cash surrender values, guarantee years, internal rates of return, target premiums and other key data points that help you fully understand the competitive positioning of products for 30+ life insurance companies.

Benchmarks Highlights

  • Data is maintained on a real-time basis. Rates are available on our website within 24 to 48 hours of a new product release or existing product reprice.
  • Unannounced changes, such as interest rate, historical look back, caps or sub-account changes, are updated as they occur, which means our data is as accurate as possible.
  • Interactive functionality allows for dynamic sorting of data.
  • Product Feature information is integrated into our Benchmarks, along with the ability to view the entire competitive landscape of a product’s positioning by linking to our Snapshots.
  • The ability to view different solve strategies can be achieved by utilizing our Multiple Benchmark option.

Beyond the data, LifeTrends gathers feature and rider information that is most important to you. Our Features include: interest bonuses, caps, interest rates, rolling targets, term conversion language, and much more. Rider information is taken directly from producer guides, illustrations and prospectuses, and made available for the over 250+ products we benchmark.

Features Highlights

  • Data is maintained on a real-time basis!
  • Dynamic functionality allows you to “build your own features.”

When it comes to analyzing products, our resources extend far beyond the benchmarks. Our data is pulled together and analyzed via three different reports – Product Snapshot, Scenario Overview, and Product Comparison.

Beyond the benchmarks, we provide higher-level industry analysis on topics that cannot be spreadsheeted. See the below excerpts from our industry white papers.

Additionally, we expand upon the benchmarks by staying on top of the trends to help our partners market and position new selling concepts.

PreCalc from LifeTrends - Policy Review Estimator Calculator

PRECalc (Policy Review Estimator Calculator) was designed to help brokerage agencies quickly and accurately review inforce policies. Using this tool, one can identify potential policy replacement options using 1035 amounts to solve for: 1) paid up death benefits, or 2) ongoing premiums required to meet a specified death benefit. With PRECalc’s proprietary calculation method, the results will uncover products that will most likely provide the best replacement options.

PRECalc Highlights

  • Analysis time to determine new opportunities is reduced from weeks to minutes.
  • The ability to use PRECalc to Recruit, Retain, and Re-engage producers places agencies at a significant, time-saving proactive advantage among their competition.
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