Prudential – 7702 UPDATE

New vs Old Exhibit Rates Posted Product Rates Posted
4/30/2021 PruLifeĀ® SUL Protector (2017) 4/26/2021
4/26/2021 VUL Protector (2018) 4/26/2021

Prudential updated their permanent life offeringsĀ into compliance with IRC 7702 on Monday, April 19th. The adjustments are mostly straightforward and are not accompanied by other structural changes to products, except for the reprices on bothĀ PruLife Essential ULĀ® andĀ PruLife Founders Plus ULĀ® (please see Overviews for analysis on these two). Accumulation-focused offerings fall mostly in line with expectations, thoughĀ Index Advantage does see decreases in distributionsĀ for many younger to middle-age insureds. Otherwise, the accumulation productsĀ see the expected smaller improvements to distributions and heavy decreases to both initial death benefits and targets. Products with protection and no-lapse focuses see almost no changes across the board under those lenses.