North American Product Overview: Rapid Builder IUL® (Gen 4)

On Tuesday, January 31st, 2017, North American updated Rapid Builder IUL® (Gen 4), previously known as Rapid Builder IUL® (Gen 3). The latest iteration maintains the same narrative as its predecessor, an accumulation-oriented product designed with early cash value in mind. At the expense of slightly lower distributions than its North American counterpart Builder IUL (Gen 8), Rapid Builder IUL does indeed offer top-tier cash accumulation in early years, but not to the extent that would be expected from a dedicated early cash value product.

Rapid Builder IUL’s distributions tend to place in the second quartile for clients under 45, usually within 10%-12% of the industry’s highest distributions. By year 5, cash surrender value tends to be within 95% of premiums paid into the policy. However, in years 1-4, Rapid Builder’s available cash falls well short of what would typically be considered the threshold for an early cash value product.

Targets are at the very bottom of the IUL market.

Rates were uploaded to the LifeTrends website on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.