John Hancock Product Overview: Accumulation IUL 15

On Monday, July 13 th, John Hancock released Accumulation IUL 15, replacing Accumulation IUL 14. With the exception of the Vitality rewards program and the addition of a persistency bonus and multiplier feature, very little change was made to this product.

From a competitive standpoint, Accumulation IUL 15 falls within the middle-of-the-pack. Maximum distribution amounts experienced changes of less than 1%. Cap and floor didn’t change. Targets saw a bigger shift with +/- 5% changes depending on the age.

The addition of the Persistency Bonus and new Guaranteed Index Account Multiplier has no impact on the performance of the product. Stated by the carrier, “There is a Guaranteed Indexed Account Multiplier that will be applied to interest earned in the Indexed Appreciation Account at the beginning of policy year 6. Beginning in policy year 6, the multiplier increases the interest earned in each maturing index segment by 5.00%.”

Rates were updated on the LifeTrends website on Monday, July 13 th.