Cincinnati Life’s Individual Life Product Offering

Below is an overview of the competitive positioning for each product within its respected market.

Cincinnati Life presents a fairly straightforward, protection-oriented product portfolio. The guaranteed UL offering, LifeHorizons LifeSetter UL, is the carrier’s pacesetter, consistently boasting top-quartile and even industry-best premiums for younger clients. Cincinnati Life also offers a current assumption UL product, LifeHorizons Simplicity UL, along with LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life and LifeHorizons Termsetter.

For those seeking guaranteed protection, LifeHorizons LifeSetter UL shows exceptionally low premiums for clients under 50 in limited-pay scenarios, besting the nearest competitor by upwards of 20% with single-pay structures. Full-pay clients under 50 are firmly within the top quartile of the guaranteed UL market. LifeHorizons LifeSetter UL does not illustrate guarantees below age 121, though premiums guaranteeing the policy to maturity are only paid to age 100.

LifeHorizons Simplicity UL, a current assumption UL offering, also tends to favor younger clients in full-pay scenarios. The product shines brightest at lower death benefits and longer pay structures, as well as when targeting endowment as opposed to $1 at maturity, which is also age 100 for this product.

LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life consistently offers the lowest premiums among whole life competitors. The product appears to be non-participating, though, and easily sports the whole life market’s lowest guaranteed and current cash accumulation, death benefits, and IRR’s.

LifeHorizons Termsetter is most competitive with thirty-year level term payments at lower assumed death benefits, particularly with younger clients.

In addition to generally favoring clients under 50, Cincinnati Life products also tend to be strong offerings for tobacco users. All of their products provided for an Age Last Birthday Advantage, which tends to further enhance their competitive positioning.