Our company values are simple.
We are not that complicated, and neither are our company values. These ideas influence every decision we make, and they are core to our culture.

Data Integrity

The data must be accurate.
There is no other option.

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LifeTrends values Data Integrity
LifeTrends values Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability

We are responsible for making good choices on behalf of our partners and teammates.

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Genuine Relationships

The people we work with are our passion. We are accessible, we listen, we respond, and we care.

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LifeTrends values Genuine Relationships
LifeTrends values Innovation and Evolution

Innovation and Evolution

We are problem solvers at heart. Innovation and critical thinking drive our culture.

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Through independence, we encourage others to offer their unique perspectives, learn from mistakes, and have the strength to explore new ideas.

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LifeTrends values Empowerment
LifeTrends values Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

At the end of the day, data is data. It's what you do with it that makes the difference.

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Learning then Teaching

We nurture education and intellectual growth internally and with our partners.

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LifeTrends values Learning then Teaching
LifeTrends values Joyful Irreverence

Joyful Irreverence

We take data and relationships very seriously. However, we like to have fun and find joy in the time we spend together.

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