Our Story

From today to inception.
Welcome to LifeTrends. As life insurance industry experts, our consultative services provide data analytics, product due diligence, market intelligence, and product pricing support. To learn more about the evolution of LifeTrends, we invite you to explore our story.
Where we are today
2 IMO Partners, 32 Carrier Partners, 8 Direct BGAs, 1 Producer Agency, 19 EmployeesJuly 2019
LifeTrends Turns 8!

January 2019

LifeTrends expands team!

July 2018

LifeTrends Version 3.0 Arrives!

February 2018

20th Carrier Partner Celebration
LifeTrends' 20th Carrier Contract CelebrationMay 2017
3rd Major IMO Partner
AimcoR is a LifeTrends IMO PartnerOctober 2016
Carrier Partner Appreciation Day
LifeTrends Career Appreciation Celebration selfie - September 2016September 2016
5-Year Anniversary Celebration
Karen Joyner at LifeTrends 5 Year Anniversary partyJanuary 2016
6 employees

October 2015

Industry Recognition
Karen and David recognized as two of the 20 Most Creative People in InsuranceLifeHealth Pro featured Karen and David as two of the 20 Most Creative People in InsuranceJuly 2015
2nd Major IMO Partner
LifeMark is a LifeTrends IMO PartnerOctober 2014
Office Expansion
The LifeTrends office expansionMay 2014
10th Carrier Partner

February 2014

Minority Owner Added
Orion, Head of Technology becomes minority owner.January 2013
5th Carrier Partner

December 2012

1st Major IMO Partner
Bramco is a LifeTrends IMO PartnerOctober 2012
1st Salaried Employee - John
John Prybil is hired in September 2012September 2012
3rd Carrier Partner

February 2012

2nd Carrier Partner

January 2012

1st Carrier Partner
Genworth was LifeTrends' first Carrier PartnerJuly 2011
Web Developer on Board
As a stay at home dad, Orion is hired as a contracted developer with ownership potential.
Orion Robillard's babyJuly 2011
Product first demoed
Working product first demoed in Indianapolis, IN at the Life Insurance Sales Support Study Group (LISSSG).May 2011
Founded - the Story Begins
LifeTrends was founded with 3 owners (Mike, Karen, and David) and two contracted web developers.
LifeTrends was founded with 3 owners (Mike, Karen, and David) and two contracted web developersJanuary 2011
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